City Spot: Art Gallery 928, Plant Boat and S3 at The Hilton Fort Lauderdale

7Art_gallery_fort_lauderdalI was enjoying a showing at Gallery 928 in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday night with my friends. The gallery was featuring really interesting work by various artists such as Bernardo Torrez with his hand painted silk ties and scarves. I also loved the bling accessories by Bobbi Dorn and the gorgeous plant arrangements from the Plant Boat It was such a great night with so many things to look at. It’s amazing how much cooler the plant room was and fresh the air is when your surrounded by living greens. I wanted to stay in that room all night. LoL. When the party started to wind down, we decided to go for a glass of wine to relax and chat. There were several suggestions but one I hadn’t heard of was the S3 at the Fort Lauderdale Hilton Hotel. The bar opens up to the ocean view so we located ourselves in a great spot, ordered a refreshment and a couple of appetizers. The bar menu was filled with some really interesting small plate creations from sushi to salads and other Asian treats. I only had the chance to try the chicken salad and a cucumber cream cheese roll but they were both delicious. Next time I’ll go for diner.

One of the features that I wanted to tell you about was this amazing outdoor area right on the ocean with glowing fire pits. This area also serves dinner and if your looking to plan a very romantic date, this is definitely on my top 10 list. The lighting is dim with soft ambient lumens and the fire gave off a beautiful glow. Trust me this is a must see for cocktails, dinner date or just hanging out as the sunsets in south Florida. Xoxo, Blondi

OUTFIT: Emerald Midi length skirt and ruched top from my collection at

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Stocktrader Lee …Jacqueline also got the prettiest smile…brighten up Labor Day…!!!
Miryousef Ahmadimanesh You, look like the beautiful tree leaf ,of spring of life! so beautiful !!
Jerry Fitzgerald

Congratulation Jacqueline Good job the next time in Ft.Lauderdale I’ll have to check it out.
Ronald Johnson I’m pretty sure I saw you at the Lobster Bar, Los Olas tonight. I’m shy and reserved, so I didn’t want to cut in! If it wasn’t you, it was your double!!
Yoobae Kim Very nice green color. Oriental house?
Jacqueline Jax I actually love oriental style decor but this photo was taken at an art gallery in fort lauderdale
Yoobae Kim Your songs are very nice too!

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