Lemon Juice Summer Facial Scrub


It’s funny how the weather is so nice in Florida until the 1st day of summer gets announced and BAM… the rain comes followed by sunshine and 98 degree temperatures in the shade with 100% humidity. Ugh, my skin changed over night and my makeup is melting leaving me searching for ways to get my skin under control. Well keep cool girls because I found a great recipe to help you beat the heat.

First call the girls over for a night of lemonade cocktails and Blondi Beach Facials. Don’t forget the lemons!

Since we’re going to be using lemons for this recipe, check out this delicious Lemon Gimlet recipe or if Gimlets aren’t your thing, here’s a list of 10 Lemonade cocktails so you won’t get thirsty.

Now for the Lemon Scrub..
In Summer, your skin is producing more oil and dead skin mixed with the heat just aggravates the situation causing breakouts and preventing your moisturizer from penetrating into your skin.
This recipe will give you a terrific cleansing scrub that will remove oil, dirt, and residue while the lemon juice brightens the skin’s complexion and helps restore your skin’s natural level of acidity.

1 teaspoon of sugar (organic raw or brown sugar)
2 teaspoons of simple facial cleanser
3 whole lemons or half a cup of lemon juice


In a small bowl, combine all three ingredients and mix with a spoon. Clean your face and leave it damp but not wet. Apply to your face and neck in small circles using a damp cloth. Don’t over scrub and be careful not to let it get into your eyes. I like to let mine sit for a minute before giving it a final rinse.

Rinse with cool water and you’re done! Your skin will definitely look and feel smoother. This is a great way to boost your bi-weekly skin cleansing routine before you use a mask.


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