Blondi Beach: Special Summer Offers Are Where?

Summer is here and as the weather heats up you’ll be looking for hot buys on fun, flirty clothing and swimwear. So to keep you informed on where and when the best buys are taking place, I have two secrets to share with you.

blondibeachwear-facebook8501… Blondi Beachwear on Facebook has just started announcing Special Offers available to facebook followers only. You won’t want to miss these special minute to minute offers so go “like” the page and keep your eye on it daily.

sale-deal-of-the-day_special-discount2…. The Blondi Beachwear “Deal of the Day” page is located on the main web site and is launching daily and weekly special offers for loyal Blondi customers who visit the web site often. (Here’s the page)

Enjoy the savings and have a great Blondi Beach Summer!! Xoxo, Blondi

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