A Sweet Escape by Blondi Beachwear

white_halter_top_back_1Hello Ladies,
Who doesn’t dream of sweet escapes with no phones, no television, no busy streets… just a romantic stretch of beach, clear blue sky’s and a weekend where RELAX is the only word in your vocabulary. Dreaming of places to visit and designing fabulous outfits to wear when I get there is my favorite thing to do. This new skirt and top design is called “Sweet Escape”.  The skirt is easy flowing with a romantic length of peaks paired with a sexy draped halter top that ties in the back. Couldn’t you just imagine walking along a beach in Bali after dinner with that special someone in this gorgeous outfit? Did I get your attention? ;0)

Xoxo, Blondi

Sweet Escape Halter Top (Sold here)
Sweet Escape Skirt (Sold here)
Resort: Aisis Villas & Spa (Travel News review)

Enjoy a Blondi Beach Special Offer Code just for you: Use #9566 receive 10% off your entire order.

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