Choosing a Bikini Bra Style For Your Shape

ladies swimwear and bikinis.

 Fabric : This beautiful orange peacock sunrise inspired fabric is lighting up the beaches as it gets released to our custom swimwear department. Now you can choose any top, bottom and coverup in the gorgeous wet look fabric that pairs well with most skin tones.


Choosing a Bikini Bra Style For Your Shape
Getting a good fit in the bra isn’t that difficult if you choose a suit to fit your needs the same way you’d choose a bra. Here are some great options laid out for you by style.


Pushup Enhancer Bra: Fits small bust sizes A,B or C. This bra is a terrific option for enhancing your cleavage line and making your bust appear fuller, firm and larger than it is. I love the demi shape and removable bow in front for extra style detail. (shop Pushup bras)

Classic Bra: Fits all sizes like a youthful look with less padding and great support. Notice the youthful style lines on this bra with a sexy cleavage line and flattering halter neck. (shop classic bras)

Orange_classic contour bikini bra

Contour Bra: (shown in photo) This bra shape offers excellent support in a youthful look that still gives a woman more coverage in the necessary areas. With a little extra fabric under the arms and a cross fabric flap in the front, the bust is supported with the coverage it needs. (shop contour bras)


Halter Bra: a full coverage halter bra provides alot more coverage and the soft top style minimizes larger bust sizes. Support is given by the softer elastic ties at neck that create a much more flattering shape. (shop halter bras)

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